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Beta Asset Patch 01: Moorgoth Exterior Extension Set
26 days ago – Sun, May 10, 2020 at 08:30:49 AM

Moorgoth Exterior Expansion Set

There haven't been too many patch notes posted here on Kickstarter, though, there have been quite a few released since the beta launched. Baggers have been able to fix a ton of the game-breaking issues, there are still some connectivity issues being worked on, however.  More on those over at the DevBlog: (https://bouncyrock.com/news). 

This patch is a little bit different, as it is the first content focus beta patch. Here you'll find some of the things the art team has been working on for the last couple of weeks. These assets have come together as something we're calling a Tile Extension set. This time we're extending the Moorgoth Set, and more specifically, it's exterior features.

Here are the new Assets:

  • Railing
  • Fountain
  • Raven/humanoid Gargoyle
  • Stone door
  • Giant stone door
  • Large arched walls
  • Flying Buttress
  • Roof

We've also added a Beta Asset Request hub, similar to the Bug Tracker. You can find that Here

We hope you enjoy the new assets, and we're all looking forward to seeing some amazing Moorgoth structures!

Thank you all again for backing TaleSpire. Till next time!

Patch Size: 301MB - BuildID 4997108

PS: The patch is quite large this time around, as there were several Asset Bundles getting a rebuild.  So we're looking at approximately 300MB. This is likely going to be the case with future Asset Patches as well.

Two weeks into the Beta!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 02:52:40 AM

Hello everyone!

First of all, I'm now feeling great! There was a dodgy couple of weeks last month, which now feels like a foggy memory. The encouragement from the community has been of incredible help and has enabled me to focus on the recovery time needed. Thank you all!  This means I'm back working on TaleSpire full time, which is where I want to be. My focus so far since the beta launch was taking care of some business-related tasks as well as support. So if you haven't heard back from me on email inquiries, expect to hear back within the next few days. I am ecstatic to be back working!

It's been approximately two weeks since the Beta dropped, and we'd also like to thank everyone for being so amazing, helping us out by reporting bugs and feedback, as well as understanding the time it takes to solve some of these issues. Baggers have been working incredibly hard to get the server issues sorted out, and being able to correspond with players having these bugs has been invaluable.

Support and Beta Keys

Another big task since beta launch outside of fixes has been support-tickets. We were initially using Google Groups for this, which turned out to be a bit too cumbersome. So we've since moved to a better-suited email support system, which makes it a lot easier for us to keep track of tickets. Emails should have transitioned over, but if you have support issues that have not been addressed, please reach out again at support@bouncyrock.com and allow a little bit of time for us to get back to you.

If you backed the Kickstarter or BackerKit before the beta launch, beta keys are waiting for you if you haven't already claimed them. As planned we will not be providing another round of beta keys. So unless you backed the Kickstarter or the BackerKit before Beta launched, you can't bring any more players into the beta-testing phase.

Please treat your beta keys as Early-Access/Final Game keys.  Different tier levels from the Kickstarter will be sent out as add-on keys sometime after the Early-Access release, once the Kickstarter Exclusive content has been completed.

The Beta going forward.

As mentioned above, the Beta progress so far has been focused around bugs, and support tickets. Thanks to Dwarf, email support tickets are slowing down a lot. But in the case of bugs, there are still some elusive stability and connection issues (although a lot has been sorted as I've been writing this). Naturally, a team has a mix of skills and not everyone can handle all tickets. This means that even as we are working through issues, you will see new content appearing. This is especially true for the art team. A bit about that later.

This does mean that for at least another couple of weeks, we'll primarily be pushing smaller patches with fixes from the list of issues.

We will be talking about and planning other aspects of the beta though. Underneath are some subjects that will start coming up as we continue our road to Early Access.

New (Sort of) Engine challenges

Being able to Clip tiles into other tiles was a feature that came about from an exploit in the Early-Alpha. One that has turned out to be a fantastic tool. The things you folks are creating blow our minds daily.  It does create a bit of a challenge for us, though. Previously we had a pretty good idea of how many tiles/objects would be present in a given region as there was only so much space to be filled. Now, however, we have added a dimension to this problem, which is asset density. It's a fun, but challenging thing that has implications on everything from data storage to rendering. One part of the storage-issue, we will tackle with the upcoming foam/terrain system which is being designed with a more sparse data structure in mind. We also need to contend with the sheer number of GameObjects loaded in at the same time. We've been talking about ways of handling that problem in the past, GPU Culling is one, another option is trying to move to the Unity Entity System (aka DOTS) for tiles. Both give interesting optimization options, and both require us to rethink how we handle physics objects. (I'm going to stop here, as we'll be doing posts on this in the future)

These were challenges we've known about, but with the awesomeness, people are creating with clipping, it is something we'll have to figure out a bit sooner than maybe we originally expected.


User Experience and general usability of TaleSpire is something that requires a lot of work during the beta phase. We've been receiving a good amount of feedback on this, a lot of it is known, and is things we've planned to address, other things have been great food for thought and will likely make it in as changes.  Moving around in the vertical axis needs a lot of work, general key-layout needs to be solidified, especially when building. And handling building assets, such as finding assets, needs an overhaul. Those are some of the things that go into this section. The final thing which is a big one, is actually teaching Players and Game Masters alike how to use TaleSpire, in-game.

Missing Features

  • Rulers
  • Accessibility options
  • Multi-language support
  • Settings/Keybinding menus
  • Fog of war
  • Pathfinding tools
  • Creature scaling
  • Setting up creatures outside of a campaign
  • Compass
  • Creature tinting & base coloring  (Which required we finalize our Art Pipeline)
  • Emotes and spells
  • Sessions history filters
  • Sound effects
  • Bookmarks
  • Prop system (for finer placement of smaller props)
  • Asset & feature suggestion sites
  • Modding
  • Creature Blueprints
  • Board & campaign sharing
  • Foam/Terrain System (for helping with creating terrain)

These are the features we're planning to have in place before the Early Access goes out. There is no meaning to the order here. . Many are significant features work-wise any many warrants their own dedicated update. We're going to start poking at some of these features as we continue doing bug fixes. So expect some updates over at the DevBlog once the designs start to form and challenges become apparent.

I should also add that these are not all the features that will be added but that list started getting rather long for this update.

About Art Assets

Our goal for the Art during the Beta is a little bit different from the Early Access. We are working on the plans and pipeline for the Early-Access, and how to ramp up production for that.  That doesn't mean there will be no new Assets in the Beta. While the Early-Access will focus on providing new sets, the focus in the Beta will be filling in existing sets. For instance, the Tavern set has a pretty decent amount of content associated with it, but the other tilesets are missing roof tiles as well as props to populate those spaces. We will also have more music, and ambiance added, more DayCycles, Post Effects, and Creature emotes.

Art updates that are not tweaks and bug fixes will be added in small bulk, in dedicated patches. Watch out for one of those in the next couple of weeks.

The Early Access

We're not setting a date for the Early Access yet. It is incredibly tempting to set dates when we have people excited to play TaleSpire. However, keeping this flexibility allows us to better handle whatever bugs, life, and this community present us with, so we must resist that urge! Furthermore, even though Early Access is also meant for continued development, we feel like the foundation needs to be solid so that the Early Access can be about growing the game, both in features and in content. This is all going to take quite a while. Once we have a beta build that runs well, have the features we want, and feels right, we can start talking about The Early Access release date.


Finally, I'd like to point out the fact that we're extremely fortunate to have such an amazing group of players, testing the beta, giving us feedback and helping us solidify the foundation. Thank you for your time and support!

Well, that was fun!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 07:08:02 PM

Hi folks, just stopping by to say hello after the first 48 hours of beta.

It's been bumpy (as expected), but you have all been such a huge support through it all. So a HUGE thanks to you first and foremost.

We have our first patch out today, and, as planned, the first couple of weeks are expected to predominantly fire-fighting.

Ree and Jason have been 100% on support tickets and, nearly two hundred later, it seems we are caught up. Asset work also continues in earnest.

All in all, it's a super exciting time.

We'll be back with more news, patches, and dev logs real soon.

In the meantime check out this awesome creation from community member Istallri:

Hope this finds you well,


p.s. Here are the few dev logs that have come out so far:

Having Trouble Getting All of your Beta Keys? Follow These Easy Steps!
about 2 months ago – Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 01:59:40 AM

Greetings all!

We've been getting reports of some folks having trouble getting access to all of the keys they've purchased - particularly those who have backed the Kickstarter and then went on to pre-order additional copies.

Backerkit has split up the Kickstarter purchases and Pre-orders into two separate surveys.  When you click the link in your email to claim the beta keys, you'll likely see one of the two screens below.  If you click on the link "Switch to another survey", you'll be brought to the other survey that contains your additional keys.  The links can be tricky to spot, so here are some examples:

For instance, you might see this...

Or this...

We hope this helps clear up any confusion about getting your additional keys.  

Thank you all once again for your amazing support!

And with that the BackerKit store is closed!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Apr 08, 2020 at 12:17:27 AM

We are now out of our stash of beta keys (besides a small number we hold onto for business reasons).

Our  next stop is the release on Friday.

Remember to keep your hands and arms inside the Beta at all times, the bugs bite!