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Dev-Stream Recording
5 days ago – Sun, Jul 05, 2020 at 10:25:42 PM

And here it is! 

The was fun and only a bit scary. I did miss a few questions I had been sent in DMs so I will write a post answering those another day (sorry about that DM'ers)

Goodnight from Norway

The big feature-request rundown!
5 days ago – Sun, Jul 05, 2020 at 12:12:32 PM

Hi everyone!

A few weeks back we mentioned that we were having a be internal planning and research session, in an attempt to work out what lies ahead. To ensure that your feedback was included, we exported all of the feature requests from our dedicated feature-request Discord channel and went through all of them.

Over the last week, I've been taking time to slowly collate the results into something readable, and you can find that in our latest blog post here: https://bouncyrock.com/news/articles/feature-request-summary-2020-07-01

We are happy, as always, to talk about any part of it. Do feel welcome to drop by the TaleSpire Discord server whenever to ask questions and make your own requests! We'll also be open to questions on this during the live-stream this Friday.

Hope this finds you well!


Dev stream goes live in one hour
5 days ago – Sun, Jul 05, 2020 at 12:12:23 PM

Hi all, the dev-stream starts in one hour from now over here on Twitch 


Hope to see some of your there :)

Shanty and summoning
10 days ago – Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 01:26:39 PM

Hi folks, back with another week in review.

The Patch

We kicked off the week with a release that brought a ton of new assets, board mat colors, and the ability to summon players across boards. It was quite the mix, with sacrificial altars, giant sea monsters, and an extensive set of dock assets.

 The mat color is an addition we will be reviewed as the terrain and water systems take shape, but we hope it's a handy stand-in for some situations that TaleSpire doesn't cover yet.

The Progress

Work is already in full swing on a bunch of new assets, which will be in the next asset update. No spoilers for that yet, but we can say that in the next game update, we will be adding a new post-process effect to the atmosphere panel for cold environments. We will also be adding brown and white color presets for the mat.

On the dev side, Jonny has continued with experiments into the prop system. This is a system we have wrestled with a lot, and we are working on the balance between technical limitations and user experience. We can't wait to have more to show here. 

After getting excited reading community conversations about area-of-effect tools, I jumped from graphics work to look at rulers. I have only been looking at the architecture of the code and how the syncing should work, not the visuals. This is why the following looks rough and doesn't include and numbers showing distance/angles/etc. 

This is what we have so far:

The design goal for this first version was to be able to switch the kind of ruler instantly, and to be able to easily tweak the positions of the *handles* once the ruler had been placed.

The basics didn't take too long, but it took a bit of work to make the handle's behavior intuitive when cycling between rulers. Fun stuff!

Again I need to stress these aren't the exact rulers that will be in the game. We are sure we need a Sphere, Line, and Cone ruler to start with, but we will need to think about the rest. I am reasonably confident we won't have the circle/angle ruler, as verticality is really important in TaleSpire. The 3D equivalent is the cone ruler, and so you can expect to see that instead. 

The next steps for the feature are: 

  • Add a campaign option to specify the distance conversion between tiles in your game's favored units (e.g. feet/meters)
  • Remake the visuals so that they look better and show measurement text.

The Stream

In more news, we will be running a dev stream this Friday, 22:00 CEST on Twitch. You can find what time it is in your timezone here . Understandably as we are in Norway many of you won't be able to make the live event so we will be uploading the stream to YouTube afterward.

During the stream, we will:

  • Ramble about how it's all going
  • Summarize recently planning session and talk about a bunch of your feature requests
  • Run a Q&A

We are scheduling 2 hours for the stream, but I expect we can be flexible with this based on the number of questions and also how tired we all get :)

The Lot

And that's it! Another good week down, let's keep cracking.

Warm regards from the whole team

Summary of the week
19 days ago – Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 12:23:20 AM

Hi all, we are getting back into the rhythm of these weekly summaries, and things are going well.

We had a big planning session recently where we went through every feature request from the discord channel and started R&D on some of the major features we still need for the early access release.

We'd like to have another dev stream summarizing a bunch of this soon. It will probably be within the next few weeks and will be on youtube afterward for those who can't make it, or whos timezones don't line up well with ours :). We'll post back here once we have some concrete details.

We will have another content update for you in the next few days. Given that, I'll hold off from talking about the excellent work the art team has been doing for now.

This last week Jonny has been kept very busy with business-related tasks and prototyping things that we hope will become the core of the terrain system. I did a little work for the next update and then have been focusing on occlusion culling. 

Occlusion culling is a way of trying to speed up rendering by working out what things are hidden from view by other objects so you can avoid drawing them. This little animation (from cgcookie) shows the difference between frustum culling, where you try not to draw things outside the view, to occlusion culling.

Getting the math right and the work done fast enough is a challenge, but luckily there are some excellent guides out there to use as a base. The challenge for us right now is to work out how to hook this into Unity in the best way. We'll chat more about this in the dev logs as the prototypes progress.

I think that's all we have for today, so we just say seeya for now and leave you with these links to some recent dev-logs.

Gah! I lied about not showing art progress. I have to at least show off this dire boar :)